Ask yourself, when was the last time you did something for the first time?         

Step one for trying new things: Get off your ass. Stop self-deprecating and tap into the awesome that is already within you. All the greats had to take a first step. Michael Jordan may play basketball like he came out of the womb doing lay-ups but never let it escape your brain that he had to pick up a basketball for the first time just like everyone else. Stephen King put pen to paper to write his first book Carrie, which was rejected 33 times. Marilyn Monroe was told by a modeling agency she was more suited to be a secretary and Elvis was infamously told he should go home and drive trucks. The point is everyone had to start somewhere, and getting started is the hardest part. There is something raw about putting yourself out there to try something new. Entering into a world in which everyone around you is already steady and well-versed, then there is you just learning to walk, and talk is difficult for almost everyone.

As humans, we resist change. The idea of new beginnings brings out our most paralyzing insecurities and reveals our greatest deficits. Once over that hurdle, we break the mold we have created for ourselves and find that we are capable of more than we ever thought possible. I love trying new things and have learned that mastering a new skill is not the challenge so much as getting started is the hardest part. But once the first steps are put into motion something beautiful happens, a momentum takes over and you realize that it wasn’t that a particular hobby got easier, it was that you got better.

I often find myself encouraging my friends to put themselves out there and try new things. I am writing this blog to tell my story about the various things I have tried in my life with the hopes that I can help you on your journey to try something new. If it is just to check something off a bucket list or if you have a desire to begin and lifelong passion, I just want to encourage you to get off your ass and get started. If you know of something you are interested in pursuing but you do not know how please message me. I am always up for trying new things.